Upholstery Chart & Info

All Furniture Services® expertly manages a wide array of repairs, restorations, re-padding, and customization for upholstered furniture, catering to residential, hospitality, medical facilities, building lobbies, and commercial spaces. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, marine, on-site, or in-shop, we handle it all. From addressing extensive wear and tear to damage incurred during moves or by pets, to simple reupholstery needs, count on us to deliver exceptional service

No job is too big or too small – we handle them all, and will find right solutions for any service needed!

Some items may carry sentimental value, be an antique which may need to be preserved, restored and or partially re-upholstered using original material. Our professional team of experienced upholsterers will assist finding best options available.

Tufted Sofa Re-upholstery leather replacement restoration of antique furniture Rebuilding-antique-chair-springs-straps-padding-upholstery leather chair replacing upholstery reupholstery

If your furniture is damaged in certain area, channel tufting or buttons came apart, torn, cigarette burn, discolored or else, there may be a possibility of repair, or you can contact original manufacture and see if replacement upholstery part available and order it so we can install/ replace. Otherwise we may be able to get the same material (if available) in such case we can replace damaged area of the upholstered part. In case original part or material is not available we may be able to use outside back or pillow to partially re-upholster, repair or color match – dye such area. If seam open or torn medics can reproduce original manufacture stitching by hand and or take apart bring to shop for machine stitching, backing or re-enforcement.

AFS team also can assist in determining proper padding, cushions, support system, straps, jute webbing, springs or pad and web as well as replace cushions and or add additional premium soft, medium density or firm foam, Dacron or feathers to improve its appearance and comfort.

Wrinkles can be effectively released, improved will depend on material. In some cases can be reinstalled or tightened, in other cases shrank by heat, Steam procedure and/or combination of adding padding correcting design or shape, firmness along.

We also are experts in material codes, types and accordingly in cleaning, dyeing, stain, mark removal, will it be an ink mark, blood stain, red wine, urine or food it is important to know the chemistry well to apply proper cleaning procedure and methods.

Leather and Vinyl can be also be patched, filled, backed, color matched and dyed as well as re-reproduce the grain, distress, cleaned and conditioned, waxed or ink stop applied restoring and protecting to its glory.

Clean or Protect: All Furniture Services also provide service in extraction and steam cleaning, dry, solvent s-code cleaning, but most importantly we also offer Scotchgard, fabric defense, fire retardant and much more.

  • Complete Re-upholstery
  •  Partial Re-upholstery
  • Tear Repair
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Full Machine Cleaning
  • Wrinkle Release
  • Cigarette Burn Removal
  • Hand Stitching
  • Fabric Defense
  • Fabric Scothgard
  • Fabric Shaving Pilling
  • Padding & Cushions
  • Machine Stitching
  • Re-Stuffing Patching
  • Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Re-dyeing
  • Scratch Repair
  • Discoloration
  • Restoring
  • Fabric Fire Retardant
  • Color Matching
  • Wrinkle Release
    • Estimates are for 54″ width fabric with no visible repeats.
    • 1 Yard = 3 Feet = 36 Inches = 0.914 Meters = 91.44 Centimeters.
    • In case of repeats or matching patterns or design, extra 20-30% will be needed.
    • In case when pipping involved it is proper to cross cut the material for durability and no puckering, extra material will be needed.
    •  Yardages are approximate only and we cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information.

For most jobs and areas technicians can bring vinyl and leather Swatches with them to choose, however for fabric swatches or prices please see vendor web sites bellow and advise which ones you like to see – (we are able to order free swatches that will be mailed to our customers):

Yardage Requirement Chart

  • BEDDING Twin Full Queen King
    Comforter 6 yds 7 yds 8 yds 12 yds
    Duvet Cover 5 yds 6 yds 8 yds 10 yds
    Bedspread 9 yds 10 yds 11 yds 15 yds
    Upholstered Headboard 3 1/2 yds 5 1/2 yds 6 yds 6 1/2 yds
    DUST RUFFLES Twin Full Queen King
    14″ drop
    (gathered or box pleats)
    6 yds 6 1/2 yds 7 yds 7 yds
    14″ drop
    3 1/2 yds 4 yds 4 1/2 yds 4 1/2 yds
    21″ drop
    (gathered or box pleats)
    8 1/2 yds 9 yds 10 yds 11 yds
    21″ drop
    5 1/2 yds 6 yds 6 1/4 yds 6 1/2 yds
    SHAMS Standard Queen King
    Flanged 4 yds 4 yds 5 yds
    Ruffled 6 yds 6 yds 7 yds
    PILLOWS 14-18″ 19-24″ 28-30″
    Corded 1/2 yd 1 yd 1 3/4 yds
    Ruffled 1 1/2 yds 2 yds 2 3/4 yds
    2 Cushion Sofa 16 yds
    3 Cushion Sofa 18 yds
    6 Cushion Sofa 22 yds
    2 Cushion Love Seat 13 yds
    4 Cushion Love Seat 17 yds
    Wing Chair 11 yds
    Slipper Chair 4 yds
    Ottoman 3 1/2 yds
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