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All Furniture Services® boasts the highest qualified professional technicians with unparalleled expertise in power and manual operating mechanisms, hydraulic systems, springs or gas-loaded units, recliners, sleepers, sofa beds, movie seats, medical and dental chairs, lift tables, Murphy or wall beds, power packs, 3D/4D massage units, pumps, motors, heating and cooling units, lights, LEDs, touch sensors, charging stations, wires, automation and control units, USB, fingerprint, smart control units, and more.

Furniture is one of the most use items, made from different materials, serves different means of use: residential, commercial, hospitality, medical, stationary, functional, mechanical, power operated, mechanism controlled, reclining, rocking, swiveling, integrated with automation, lights, chargers, massage, heat components, multi-function controls and more. Because of such differences no one person or freelancer can be proficient and have enough experience to handle all, which is another reason why we are superior in what we do and we always assign/send the best qualified professional technician for your task.

Medics not only able to repair, rebuild and replace parts, but also to refurbish when needed, weld, solder, shape, bend components, level, integrate and customize.

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AFS use State of The Art equipment and supplies, along with having large inventory of in stock most use parts, recliner cables, levers, handles, remotes, power adapters, control units, recliner and sleeper mechanisms, swivel, glide, swing, rocking components, casters, sockets, bases, gas cylinders, struts, Murphy bed mechanisms and springs, lifting and kangaroo mechanism, shock absorbers, runners, slides, tracks, hinges, control arms, etc.

Here are some tips that will help you and is to identify the proper parts in case they will be needed:

a. How to determine type of swivel plate and measure it? All Swivel plates should be measured from the center of the bolt/screw hole to the center of the same hole on opposite side as well as the overall plate width and length. There are generally a few types of swivel plates:

  1. Two plates with ball bearings that rotate freely to any direction, clockwise and counter clock wise.
  2. Two plates with ball bearings that rotate clockwise and counter clock wise but have a stopper and do not turn 360 degrees.
  3. Two plates with ball bearings that rotate clockwise and counter clock wise but have a stopper and do not turn 360 degrees, as well as have an internal spring that brings the swivel plates back to their original position.
  4. Two plates with ball bearings with any of the above configuration however with rocking springs that allow it not only to swivel but to rock as well.

b. How to determine which part I need for my office chair and how to measure it? Office chairs come with many different types of mechanisms and parts, some with manual columns and some with gas cylinders, and accordingly all parts are different.  Mechanisms just as with swivel plates are usually measured by attachment hole center to center of the center of the other hole, however other factors like type and shape as well as functions may need to be considered.

Bellow chart should help with part and type determination as well as give an idea of how to measure.

c. How Do I determine type of the casters I need for the chair base? There are different types of casters from size, shape, material, look, color, type of the floor will be used on, single wheel, twin wheel, hooded, or ball type, as well as with attachment mounting plates or stem type.

Type of manual posts, gas cylinders and how to measure? Most chairs use gas cylinders that come in different size and color; however some chairs have manual post cylinder.

Manual post/column:

Gas cylinder:

d. How to measure sleeper or sofa bed mechanism? In most residential applications the type of mechanisms used either have arms on both sides and open platforms flat or complete mechanism assembly with decking.

If at any point mechanism is stuck do not try to force it closed or open as such will most likely damage the mechanism that could have been repaired or adjusted to beyond repair condition.

We do have in stock and able to repair or replace not only complete sleeper mechanisms but also trampoline decking that often gets frayed.

When measuring the mechanism it is important to measure width of the mechanism only between attachments on both sides. It should fall more or less within the following measurements:

Twin Size = 55”, Full Size = 60”, Queen Size = 68”

Please note that on sleeper or recliner mechanisms, most bend out of shape, improperly operating, broken rivets or joints, springs and connections are usually repairable without need of replacement parts.

Type of Recliner mechanisms, handles and components: There are many types of recliner mechanisms, cables, handles, and springs. Some manufactures provide limited life time warranty on mechanism parts, or can assist in ordering them.

We at AFS carry many of the generic used parts in stock to assist our customers with immediate service and repair when needed.

Recliner Cables, Handles, Levers and release mechanisms:

In stock few hundred recliner handles, cables and mechanism components which allows us to make sure techs have all they may need in order to assist our customers and accounts, providing most efficient way to complete the service call at once.

Most common power recliner motors and mechanism springs:

We do our best to make sure each experience turns into a great relationship so our clients can count on us when needed by providing honest and best answers to your questions along with best possible service experience.


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