Warranty Services B2B

All Furniture Services® provides professional services in multiple states and over 6000 zip codes to all:
Manufactures, Stores, Retailers, Designers, Vendors, Warehouses, Medical Facilities, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Construction, Moving, Logistics, Delivery, Warranty, Insurance, Protection Plan Companies as well as Individual Customers.

“For Over A Decade, Our Primary Goal Has (And Always Will Be) To Service Our Clients With The Utmost Professionalism And Quality Work That Continues To Set Us Apart From Other Companies In Our Industry”

We have a one of a kind online service system – portal that provides you with instant access from anywhere and any device to: create service work order, tracking, checking status, scheduled dates, send receive comments, notifications, reports, invoices, before and after pictures, tags and serial numbers, signed papers, ability to generate logs, ability to use your own sales numbers, archive for all your customers and issues serviced, ability to pay online as well as getting informed about repeat issues to help you with improving quality control.

The Professional Team of the company is capable of handling, as well as carrying everything necessary to provide immediate on-site: Inspections, Reports, Cause Determination, Estimates, Repairs, Antique Restoration, Upholstery, Cleaning, Color Matching, Re-Finishing, Painting, Leather and Vinyl Dyeing, Parts Installations, Antique and Pieces of Art Restoration, Caning, Disassembly and Re-Assembly, Electrical and Light troubleshooting, Power and Manual Sleeper and Recliner Mechanism Work, Wood, Veneer, Laminate, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Film, Acrylic, Stone Work, and much more.









– Direct Access to our system, if capable and needed synchronizing system portals.

– Providing best through and professional representation you can get with customer ability to reach us 24/7.

– Once your clients’ information is in our hands, we maintain all the rest from start to completion.

– We send best qualified professional and experienced technician for type of job requested to achieve and provide the best possible results for every job.

– Customers contacted to be scheduled within hours – Direct Scheduling with some synced portals/systems.

– Reaching your customers via phone, email or text providing best and desired means of communications for each customer.

– Scheduling with taking into consideration customers schedule, day before reminding calls/emails/texts as well as calls on the way.

– Rescheduling when and if customer need at any time.

– On-site repairs, cleaning, recreation of missing parts, installation, upholstery, leather dyeing, wood finishing, power mechanism and padding work, antique restoration, frame or spring work, metal welding, etc.

– Reports submitted within same day, in some cases within hours.

– Best Turn Around Time and Best Completion Rate Guaranteed.

– Competitive Prices and Flexibility.

– Double-checked reports insuring all information, possible options in place as expected and no mistakes or missing details.

– Jobs that requires in shop work will be handled as needed or requested.

– State of the art equipment and supplies, along with us having large inventory of in stock most use parts on hand.

– Technicians carry many parts and hardware to complete any job at the first time as best as possible.

– Methods and products are chosen to make repairs permanent, invisible and to return furniture to an original condition.

– We provide overall, before, after, tag, pictures and measurements as well options of us supplying parts when possible

– In most cases, we can determine the age of the damaged areas, see if the items were previously repaired.

– Tech personnel do not use customer’s restrooms or supplies.

-Tech Personnel are always uniformed appropriately and do everything possible to provide the best service experience to all customers.

– Techs take all safety and protections measures set by industry, our accounts and us.

– Same day, 24/7, and emergency service when needed

– All emails and calls answered immediately within under an hour.

– Providing all needed required license, insurance or workers competitions to fulfill any building facility requirements.

– Automated system notifications and logs as well as ability to check any service at any time on-line from any devise or by phone.

– Getting repeat issues log/comments and ability to track of any repeat issues to help with improving and preventing any issues and quality control.

– We guarantee and stand for all our work – Free Recalls, going backs when needed.

– We service locations in most US metro areas and can travel almost ANYWHERE in the US and Canada within 24 hours

To open a Wholesale Service Account

Opening an account with us is FREE and will give you an availability to easily create work orders, see logs of calls, scheduled dates, invoices, reports, before and after pictures, signatures, as well as get the lowest possible prices with best service experience.  Our custom developed user friendly on-line system will provide you with highest level of convenience, live update, speed and record for all your service needs.

If you would like us to open an account please provide us following information, and we will email your credentials, account/portal login user name and password shortly:

We promise to do everything in our abilities to provide you with the best service experience.

All Furniture Services® is a member of IHFRA (International Home Furnishings Representatives Association), attend all events and in good relationship with entire industry. We provide valuable information to our accounts in order to help improving products quality, packaging and handling.

Our professional team is capable of handling a multitude of problems: repair, restoration, touch up nicks, dents and scratches, color matching, refill chips, recreate shapes, fill-in scrapes, glue joints, re-gluing, reinforcing, recreating, caning, dyeing, gold leaf, gilding, open seam, animal pet damage, cat pulls, defective mechanisms, recliner motors, pull handles, remotes, adapter, controls, connectors, gas cylinders, struts, dampers, swivel bases, rockers, absorbers, release system, knobs, cables, frames, casters, chair base, slides, fasteners, levelers, glides, stretch, zippers, pneumatic systems, snaps, hooks, hinges, damaged and broken frames, sagging seats, foam, padding, Dacron, broken springboards, springs, webbing, rips, cuts, holes, burns, stains, ink marks removal, water and heat rings, spills, smoke and water damages, enhancements, worn discolored finishes, laminate, veneer, grain matching, polish, refinish, upholstery, polishing, cleaning, steaming, extraction, French polishing, buffing, waxing, knock down, take apart, dismantle, disassemble, (disassembly / take a part), assemble, handyman service, etc.

Furniture is one of the most use items,, made from different materials, serves different means of use: residential commercial, hospitality, medical, stationary, functional, mechanical, power operated, mechanism controlled, reclining, rocking, swiveling, integrated with automation, lights, chargers, massage units, heat components, multi-function controls and more, because of such differences no one person or freelancer can be proficient and have experience enough to handle them all that is another reason why we are superior in what we do as we always assign/send the best qualified professional technician for the task.

Servicing multiple states and having technicians that specialized in different materials and fields as well as having multiple shops working from upholstery to finishing, metal work, antiqued mirror, glass and stone work, plastic and acrylic, pieces of art or antique restoration to general repairs, installations, teams that handle disassembly and assembly to fit items that have difficulty to pass into small doorways, elevators, stairways like couch, sofa, sectional, bed, headboard, armoire, china, as well as carpentry teams that handle wall, floor, ceiling repair work allows us to handle everything needed by best rules and procedures that were set in place and constantly improving by years and hundreds of thousands services provided to our customers and business accounts/partners.

As we service many logistics, shipping, final leg delivery, moving and insurance companies, we have teams that handle repairing and restoring, painting and finishing scratched, gouged or dented walls, hardwood floors, doors, elevator, brick, metal or wood panels, light fixtures, picture and mirror frames, mounting brackets, cabinetry, fountains and more.

We have unbeatable experience as well as system, rules and procedures that insure we handle everything above and beyond expectations and requirements of our accounts and customers.