Furniture Repair

All Furniture Services® provides furniture repairs to manufacturers, retailers, designers, moving and delivery services, medical and hospitality facilities, restaurants, construction firms, insurance and warranty companies, as well as individual customers.
AFS is an official warranty service repair company, claims resolution provider, and facility maintenance handler.


On-site or in-shop methods and products are carefully selected to make repairs permanent, invisible, and to restore furniture to its original or even better condition.

The Professional Team of All Furniture Services® is capable of handling, as well as carrying all tools and materials necessary to provide immediate on-site: Inspections, Reports, Cause Determination, Estimates, Repairs, Antique Restoration, Upholstery, Cleaning, Color Matching, Re-Finishing, Painting, Leather and Vinyl Dyeing, Parts Installations, Antique and Pieces of Art Restoration, Caning, Disassembly and Re-Assembly, Deluxing, Electrical and Light troubleshooting, Power and Manual Sleeper and Recliner Mechanism Work, Wood, Veneer, Laminate, Metal welding, Glass, Plastic, Film, Acrylic, Stone Work, and much more.

Furniture, serving various purposes in residential, commercial, hospitality, and medical settings, comes in diverse forms and materials. With features like automation, lights, chargers, and more, handling such variety requires expertise. We excel by assigning the most qualified technician to address your specific needs, ensuring superior service.

furniture-custom-chair-face-painting-design-deco-character-restoration-upholstery-change-fix bench-cushion-seat-back-repair-restoration-restaurant-kitchen-lounge-vinyl-leather Wooden-Trim-finial-detail-molding-corner-shape-recreating-shaping-and-finishing-bed-headbaord-footboard-post

Our technicians provide detailed inspection reports and estimates that are widely accepted by retailers, manufacturers, storage and moving companies, and insurance claims departments.

We do our best to work with our customers schedule for utmost convenience, best prices and guaranteed workmanship.

Furniture, often bulky and diverse in shapes and sizes, poses challenges in transportation. Notably, antique and hardwood items are sensitive to rapid climate and humidity changes, leading to issues like warping, cracking, shrinking, expanding, and joint separations. Wooden slides, tracks, doors, drawers, and leather may be affected. Due to these nuances, most repairs and services are offered on-site. Large-scale projects like complete redo, full re-upholstery, refinishing, or complex/unique jobs are handled in-shop, with available pick-up and delivery services.

Serving multiple states, our specialized technicians cover a range of materials and fields across various shops, including upholstery, finishing, metalwork, antiqued mirror, silvering, glass and stone work, plastic and acrylic, bed/mattress inspection, art or antique restoration, general repairs, and installations. Our teams excel in disassembly and assembly to navigate challenging spaces like small doorways, elevators, and stairways for items such as couches, sofas, sectionals, beds, headboards, armoires, china, Eames or Knoll chairs. Carpentry teams handle wall, floor, and ceiling repair work. Our comprehensive approach, refined through years of experience and hundreds of thousands of services, ensures adherence to the best rules and procedures for our customers and business accounts/partners.

In many cases, we can ascertain the age of damaged areas, identify prior repairs, and leverage our extensive network to assist with known issues, recalls, or manufacturer defects related to the damaged item. Additionally, we can help obtain necessary parts whenever possible.

All our projects include comprehensive documentation, including overall views and before-and-after pictures, along with essential details, tag information, and measurements when required.

Servicing various logistics, shipping, final leg delivery, moving, and insurance companies, we have dedicated teams that specialize in repairing and restoring scratched, gouged, or dented walls, hardwood floors, doors, elevators, brick, metal or wood panels, light fixtures, picture and mirror frames, mounting brackets, cabinetry, fountains, and more.

We utilize cutting-edge technologies, employ highly experienced craftsmen, and maintain a well-stocked inventory along with the latest equipment, including Lathe, Mill & Duplicator. This enables us to replicate, duplicate, manufacture, and repair almost any broken or missing parts, including legs, spindles, finials, trims, moldings, curved and shaped metal, glass, and much more.

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